Back on the road...

Near Cachopo, Algarve Serra, Yesterday morning. (Tea break!).
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Berny said:

Nice bike, I wish you a lot of fun with it! I now KTM since a longe time and they produce incredible good motorcycles. It appears quite differently with the company and its CEO, which I really do not like because of political reasons and corruption.
4 months ago

Rob replied to Berny:

Hey Berny, thanks for the comment. I see you are there in Austria. I think Stefan Pierer owns it all now doesn’t he, I don’t know anything about him but I can imagine he’s got a fair bit of weight on the political and cash scene. The bikes are excellent though, this one is the 1290 and it’s by far the best bike I’ve ever owned, lots of fun indeed and very reliable. I remember KTM being excellent at breaking down every five minutes, but things have really changed.
4 months ago

Keith Burton said:

A powerful looking bike Rob...........it must be great to be able to get out on it again!
4 months ago

Rob replied to Keith Burton:

1300cc and 160 horsepower, I’m glad nobody gave me that to try in my twenties or I doubt I’d still be around these days. Now I’m a good bit calmer so I mostly only use the power to climb up mountain roads as if they aren’t there, very handy. It’s great to be back out and about, both my bikes were just sitting under covers for seven or eight weeks, which is not my idea of where bikes should be.
4 months ago

Berny replied to Rob:

Pierer is connected to the chancellors party and so he receives a lot of taxpayers money for his "museum", what actually is nothing but advertisment. But anyway, if I would drive such a type of bike, I have to admit, maybe I would choose a KTM too ;-)) Because of several reasons I'm rather a bike owner than driver. I have a Ducati Urban Enduro, a Honda CB450D from 1967, a Honda CL450 from 1970 and a Brough Superior SS100 from 1930.
4 months ago

cammino said:

A magnificent machine!
4 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

I'm sure you were pleased to get out on that bike again after so long not being able to ride it.
4 months ago

Gabi Lombardo said:

wish you great tours!!
4 months ago