Rubber-cement resist with inks. I am loving the results of that resist method, have to try more.
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Marek Ewjan Stachows… said:

interesting effect of this technique, but the rabbit is a bit sad...
happy weekend days, Risa !
7 weeks ago

Risa Profana replied to Marek Ewjan Stachows…:

Thank you Marek. The expression was difficult to control, but people have told me that my faces, even animal ones have sad eyes.
I had visitors last week and now I am trying to catch up.
A good week for you.
6 weeks ago

dolores666 said:

What is rubber-cement resist? I lovely th results, I must say. XXXXXXXXXXX
6 weeks ago

Risa Profana replied to dolores666:

Contact-cement, that glue for fixing shoes, bicycle tires... one paints the figure with it, let it dry, this creates a resist, a mask, to the ink on the paper. Then with a brush one covers the resist image and let it dry, rubs carefully the cement away and the ink on the outline and nooks and crannies stays. Then I add some more details with a brush or pen.
As foreseeable I stopped the 100 day challenge midway, I had visitors during holy week and other things in between...well. But I am working on more things. ;-)
4 weeks ago

dolores666 replied to Risa Profana:

Your energy and creativity give me hope. There is, after all, life on Earth!
3 weeks ago