Name that city 3

I was on the correct side of the plane that day in June!

(I left the angled horizon because that is how it was, what with the plane angling into a turn. Hope I don't make you dizzy!)
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bonsai59 said:

Der schräge Horizont macht gar nichts. Im Gegenteil. Das macht das Bild nur authentischer. Fantastischer Blick auf London! :-)
5 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

IMPECCABLE et admirablement rendue avec cette magnifique vue généralisée bien enjolivée par ces superbes nuages.
Bonne et agréable journée dominicale.
5 months ago ( translate )

Edna Edenkoben said:

1. Las Vegas
2. London
3. Luanda

Wait...I got it. It's Luxembourg!

5 months ago

Anton Cruz Carro said:

The unmistakable meanders of the Thames. An unusual and very interesting photo. Congratulations.
5 months ago

William Sutherland said:

Looks like London! Great aerial shot! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
5 months ago

Pam J said:


5 months ago

Gudrun said:

Easy one, Tower Bridge is unmistakable;-) In former times many flights used an approach following the river all through London, that was a great flightseeing tour;-)
5 months ago

Herb Riddle said:

Nearly as good as my flight simulator!!! ' Oh-its real' - yes great shot of our capital. You were lucky with the clear weather under the wing.

Cheers. Herb
5 months ago

Günter Klaus said:

Wow,da hast du einen sehr schönen Anblick aus dem Flugzeug festgehalten liebe Laura:))

Wünsche noch ein schönes 3. Adventwochenede,ganz liebe Grüße Güni :))
5 months ago ( translate )

aNNa schramm said:

:-)))) London
5 months ago ( translate )

aNNa schramm replied to aNNa schramm:

In the middle The Gherkin (Gewürzgurke) :-)))))))))
5 months ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

Unmistakable! London!
5 months ago ( translate )

Berny said:

London, zooming in ;-)
5 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

This is without a doubt - London. Look at all those bridges and you can make out the Gherkin building.
5 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

One of the easist guessing games I've ever seen. It took me a nano second of course. Still, an extremely impressive capture, Laura and much more pleasant than the aerial view over L. A. as on the cover of Greetings from LA!!
5 months ago