a moment of beauty

springtime front yard
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Peter Castell said:

A wonderful outlook to welcome Spring enjoy it while you can the blossom lasts for such a short time, a lovely composition with the contours and colours. I hope you have a nice week Laura
4 months ago

raingirl replied to Peter Castell:

Thank you, Peter.

The flowering trees are incredible here this year. They are lasting about twice as long as normal! I think they might like the cooler weather we are having, or maybe our winter was just right for them.
4 months ago

@ngélique ❤️ said:

magnifique nature ***********bonne soirée mon amie !
4 months ago ( translate )

raingirl replied to @ngélique ❤️:

merci beaucoup!
4 months ago ( translate )

micritter said:

A beautiful scene so wonderfully composed with the lovely greeen, purple, white, and blue. (As I grow older and older, I seem to be more and more affected by colors, for some reason).
4 months ago

raingirl replied to micritter:

Nice that the colors are affecting you more, don't you? I notice that red becomes more important with age. I'm still really happy with purples and blues - but of course really love all colors (with a lot of saturation).
4 months ago

Ecobird said:

The colours of spring, topped by a lovely blue sky- this is beautiful Laura. Have a lovely evening
4 months ago

raingirl replied to Ecobird:

Thanks so much.
4 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

Beauty indeed! You've caught this extremely well, Laura!
4 months ago

raingirl replied to Andy Rodker:

Thank you, Andy. It's my favorite time of year.
4 months ago

Amelia said:

The refreshing and beautiful colours of spring. Lovely.
4 months ago

William Sutherland said:

Beautiful capture! Stay well!

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4 months ago

Keith Burton said:

This is just wonderful Laura...........beautiful blossom and flowers, lush greenery and gorgeous sunshine. Perfect..!!
4 months ago

Edna Edenkoben said:

Absolutely gorgeous, Laura! Isn't springtime just wonderful?
4 months ago ( translate )

Josiane Dirickx said:

De belles couleurs sur un fond de ciel bleu c'est vraiment beau !
4 months ago ( translate )