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Rocking door + 7 hours = sliding door!

When no one will work on a non-sliding door with no name on it, and you don't think replacing the door is good advice..

Not a fun job. Too much work. I understand why no one wants such a job. But no money changed hands. Son-in-law is very helpful.
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malona said:

The smile on his face..... ;-))))
Ta daaaaaa!

could watch it in a loop for, now not hours, but minutes ;-D
6 weeks ago

Murray Leshner (Murr… said:

I rarely get any satisfaction from a nuisance home repair...just glad to get past the trouble.

This was really unusable...colorful language and discomfort with each use. It's a joy (really? Maybe not) to use now. What was malfunctioning was very simple but needed major surgery to access it.

The brief idea of doing this kind of work for other people was quickly dismissed...let someone else be the 'door exorcist'.
6 weeks ago