Hi Dad! How are you doing there?
It's been three years since you left us...
But your portfolio is still here www.ipernity.com/doc/544051
and I promise to curate it the best I can.

Asus Zenfone
and Silver Efex Pro 2
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Stephan Fey said:

Beautiful christmas deco and fantastic in bw, Marta!
9 months ago ( translate )

Marta Wojtkowska replied to Stephan Fey:

Thank you very much, Stephan!
These flowers are actually violet and white (as usually: violet for my Dad, white from me ;)) but when I processed the shot for publication (an action partially automated involving Lab mode) I noticed how good it looked in monochrome so I eventually decided to use Silver Efex for this one :)
I am happy to know that you like the outcome :)
9 months ago

Wierd Folkersma said:

lovely light
9 months ago ( translate )

Marta Wojtkowska replied to Wierd Folkersma:

Thank you, Wierd!
Honestly I am really surprised how well this dumb smartphone handled it! It was around noon and no clouds at all!
9 months ago

José Manuel Polo said:

Marta, flores en monocromo no es lo habitual; las flores en color dan alegría, pero en B/N a mi me dan tristeza. Tristeza que va muy a propósito del “memorial” fotográfico que dedicas a la familia en especial a tu papa. Si la primera impresión fue de tristeza, después de contemplar todo tu álbum familiar ha calado aún más en mi sentimentalismo. Las fotos son muy buenas en general y con respecto a su época y un logro importante es que se ha unificado en un solo formato de iguales dimensiones. Está muy bien en ese sentido, quizá las fechas tengan saltos.
Es muy profundo tu amor filial y tu tristeza, pero piensa que tú parte la has hecho lo mejor que has podido y la alegría en tu vida también será la alegría de tu papá en la otra. Un abrazo.
9 months ago ( translate )

Marta Wojtkowska replied to José Manuel Polo:

This is one of the most beautiful comments that I've ever got here, José! Thank you so much!
I wish I could write an answer in Spanish (it is so lovely language and I spoke it when I was a teenager but lost the ability since, so I have to stick to English instead).
Actually monochrome was usual for my Dad and for me long ago when Dad gave me my first camera and taught me almost everything what was to be taught about photography in those days.
Even later, when color negatives become available to us we both tended to use B&W.
Obviously I am not color-blinded ;) but whenever I look into the viewfinder of a camera I see the frame in greys, lights and shadows. Colors are often of no concern to me (with exceptions confirming the rule, for sure!).
And it works the other way around for me. So whenever I see a B&W shot, I see colors too. Oh, it's hard to explain, but I do... no kidding!
But I perfectly understand that you and other people may find B&W sad. So it's OK :)
And thank you very much for looking into my family album. It means a lot to me!
9 months ago

Boarischa Krautmo said:

good, that you keep his pics alive!
9 months ago

Marta Wojtkowska replied to Boarischa Krautmo:

Thank you, Markus!
I plan to scan some more his negatives that I found recently at a bottom of his bookcase :)
9 months ago

cp_u said:

this is stunning!
9 months ago ( translate )

Marta Wojtkowska replied to cp_u:

Thank you very much, Claus Peter!
I am sure that I heard a disgruntled murmur from my Dad when I put those flowers onhis grave because they were so feminine: white and light violet. But I am confident that he likes to see them in monochrome now :)
9 months ago

Damir said:

sad and touching!
it's not easy to loose anyone ans specially dad
beautiful hommage to your father
9 months ago

Marta Wojtkowska replied to Damir:

Thank you so much, Damir!
9 months ago