Ely pipes

These are the gorgeously decorated pipes at Ely cathedral.
My brother and I were lucky, the organist was practicing whilst we were there, both of us got a bit emotional!
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Colin Ashcroft said:

A lovely story
2 years ago

MaggsMep replied to Colin Ashcroft:

Thanks Colin
2 years ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

Amazing................the detail and colours are wonderful Maggie.

A delightful story too.........I'm not sure the priest would have been impressed though :-))
2 years ago

MaggsMep replied to Keith Burton:

He must have known - unless he was stone deaf!
2 years ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

A lovely story Maggs! Also a beautiful picture. I have been a couple of times. Such an impressive Cathedral.
Have a good day and new week ahead.
2 years ago

MaggsMep replied to Rosalyn Hilborne:

I love the stained glass museum there!
2 years ago

Schussentäler said:

a wonderful church organ
2 years ago ( translate )

MaggsMep replied to Schussentäler:

Sounded good too.
2 years ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Stunning interior picture.
2 years ago ( translate )

MaggsMep replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Heel erg bedankt Jaap.
2 years ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

Majestic organ beautifully captured Maggs
2 years ago ( translate )

MaggsMep replied to Roger (Grisly):

Luckily the organist was practising ...
2 years ago

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Très joli, un angle parfait pour l'apprécier au plus près !********
Bonne soirée Magie.
2 years ago ( translate )

MaggsMep replied to Jocelyne Villoing:

Merci bien Jocelyne
Bonne soirée à toi aussi!
2 years ago ( translate )

Sarah O' said:

Maggs, LOVE the story about you and your dad. and this awesome musical machine, the Organ. its a favorite of mine too. LOVE to hear what all the Organ can do !!!! thanks for sharing.
this is great photo. lovely colors and is a feature in this beautiful Cathedral....
Best wishes, Sarah
2 years ago