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The end of a long night (03:45h). Mars is watching us and the Moon is getting higher and higher in the sky. A train of 12 Spacex satellites is crossing the field of view of the camera (the long exposure of 4x30 sec is the reason you don't see the individual satellites). We saw a couple of very nice and bright meteors, which unfortunately were outside the field of view of the camera.

Canon EOS 700D with Canon zoom lens EF 5, used f=10 mm for a large field of view, f/3.5 T=30 sec ISO 1600. For this picture I combined 4 exposures that showed the Spacex satellites.
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niraK68 said:

Da hattet ihr aber einen tollen Blick in den Himmel
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Ko Hummel replied to niraK68:

und es war gemütlich im Strandkorb...
6 weeks ago ( translate )

volker_hmbg said:

Da ist dann sicher auch die chinesische Raumsonde auf dem Foto ; )
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Ko Hummel replied to volker_hmbg:

in so einen Nacht sieht man wieviel Zeug so herum fliegt :-) Flugzeuge glücklicherweise etwas weniger als sonst.
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Remarquable travail partagé ...!
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Proxar said:

6 weeks ago ( translate )