Rowan in winter

I took this yesterday, late evening while it was still snowing calmly. I switched on all the lights in our living room and opened the blinds to get some light on my sacred rowan.
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Jenny McIntyre said:

Wow that is a lot of snow Kimmo. The branches are very heavily laden with the snow.
4 months ago

Janet Brien said:

How wonderful. There few things as peaceful is the gentle falling of snow. Isn't this nice. :)

Except for some mounds of snow in spots where the sun doesn't touch, all of our snow has gone! It continues to rain...maybe tomorrow all the snow will have melted!
4 months ago

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Je me demande toujours comment elle peut se fixer sur de si petites structures, la nature fait si bien, c'est très beau !***************
4 months ago ( translate )

Fred Fouarge said:

mooie opname ondanks het weinige licht
4 months ago ( translate )