Late sun.

Beautiful sun all day. Still cold. Feeling a bit cross as my legs continue to play up. Not sure why as I wasn't overdoing walking but it may be gardening. Frustrating whatever it is. I meant to lay off both but stupidly went out in the afternoon and tackled another bit of the ivy. It is in an awkward spot so not much impression was made. Found some fat balls and was amazed that they were still within their sell by date so put them out and ordered superior ones from the RSPB. Then put a bird feeder out on the clothes pole. There hasn't been one there for a while as that part of the garden got very messy and needed a rest.
Spent a lot of time photographing birds but with unexciting results. However my yellow species tulips saved the day. They catch the late sun beautifully. The good news today is that from Friday we can travel all over Scotland and meet up in groups of six outside. Cafes can open towards the end of the month when I get my second jab. What a relief the news is. Fresh fields and pastures new.
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Annemarie said:

wonderful image Jean!
21 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Ravissante et excellemment rendue....!
21 months ago ( translate )

HappySnapper said:

Good you can get out again soon Jean, our restrictions lifted yesterday so went to Bury St Edmunds today. Wanted to do an architecture shot for the group, Oh yes silly me left the camera indoors so used the Mobile and found out once back home the shots were unusable cos I rarely use the camera which had dirt over the lens. It would have been a historical shot to, it was of Debenhams still open but closing any time soon and gone for ever from the high street.
Glad you found a shot and has come out well in the last light.
21 months ago

Luc Reiniche said:

A beauty !!!
21 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

This tulip variety looks very much like my wild variety I post here occasionally, but you take the more artistic shot, Jean!
21 months ago

Jean replied to Andy Rodker:

It may be the same one. It is a species tulip. I like them better and they suit my windy garden better.
21 months ago

Andy Rodker replied to Jean:

Could be. The mountainsides where I find 'mine' are pretty windswept too!
21 months ago

Danielle said:

Quelle Beauté ********************
21 months ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful close-up Jean.
21 months ago ( translate )

Ko Hummel said:

the late sun often surprises with beautiful light
21 months ago

Joe, Son of the Rock said:

I love the colour contrast between the pink and the yellow, Jean. I love also the way the flower stands out on the dark background. All the best, Joe
21 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Your tulip is beautiful. I wouldn't mind some like this. We don't have many tulips in the garden as they don't last very long. A stunning shot you have taken Jean! I must admit, I didn't know fat balls had a sell by date!
21 months ago

©UdoSm said:

A beautiful blossom...
21 months ago

Amelia said:

I love these species tulips, Jean. They are so elegant with the pointed buds.
21 months ago

Keith Burton said:

I would never have known this was a tulip.................I've never seen one like it..!!

As you say, it's caught the late sun beautifully and it looks stunning on the dark background.

Great news about some of your restrictions being lifted. Light at the end of the tunnel maybe?

Hope your legs feel better soon :-)
21 months ago