Freud window (4)

St Paul's Church, Jericho
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Studley said:

If god looked down and saw us now
He’d surely make a fuss
Rishi Sunak takes a bow
And we end up with a Truss.
19 months ago

Isisbridge replied to Studley:

Tis all a globalist puppet show
Controlled by Bill and Klaus,
Plotting the nation's overthrow
While Rishi's the grinning louse.
19 months ago

Isisbridge replied to Studley:

'I don't trust Rishi Sunak at all'
19 months ago

Howard Somerville said:

A: How was your holiday?
B. Great, thanks. I had a rupturous time.
A: Rapturous, do you mean?
B. No, rupturous. I stayed in a Truss House hotel in Hernia Bay.
16 months ago

Isisbridge replied to Howard Somerville:

C: I slept on the beach, because all the hotels were full of immigrants.
16 months ago

Jean Paul Capdeville said:

Isis, pourquoi "La fenêtre de Freud " Certes, il a eu ses disciples aussi. mais quel lien faites vous entre l 'inventeur de la psychanalyse et ce vitrail ?
14 months ago ( translate )

Isisbridge replied to Jean Paul Capdeville:

This building used to be a church but is now a cafe and wine bar called Freud.
I'm certainly not a follower of the dubious psychoanalyst!

Frevd (Freud)
14 months ago