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Today was the day that the batch of dandelion wine I started back on April 12th, 2022 was ready to bottle. This was a shot just after I had transferred it to the bottles, but before I corked them. It hadn't had time to settle yet, but as you can see, there was nothing to settle - it's totally clear. I strained it many times to make sure there were no impurities in it - and it paid off. I got 24 full bottles. Now, it just has to age for 4 or 5 years before it can be opened and tasted. I think this is my best batch yet!

Taken on May 16th, 2022, with my Sony Alpha SLT-a77V DSLR.
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Marta Wojtkowska said:

Dandelion wine? I've never heard of it!
6 weeks ago

HaarFager replied to Marta Wojtkowska:

Well, the recipe I use comes from the Middle Ages, so that's why I make dandelion wine - so I can kind of "connect" with the people of that era. A lot of them probably made it because it was cheap and the ingredients were mostly free for the picking. Life was hard back then, so they had to have alcohol of some sort to take their minds off their troubles, I suppose.
5 weeks ago

Dutt Changgle said:

5 weeks ago ( translate )

HaarFager replied to Dutt Changgle:

Thank you!
5 weeks ago