Interno del Duomo di Modena

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Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful light here.
Peaceful week ahead.
7 months ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

obra e luce
7 months ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I love the blue light and the way it catches the columns and floor.
A beautiful interior shot and even better when viewed large!
Take care and have a good new week.
Regards, Rosa.
7 months ago

photosofghosts replied to Rosalyn Hilborne:

I too was fascinated by the low and blue light inside the church, dear Rosa, and I tried to shoot .... luckily I had the reflex |!
Warm greetings
7 months ago

Ecobird said:

A beautiful image Fabio. A cool and peaceful interior with enough light to make the floor gleam and the wood appear burnished.

Have a lovely week ahead
7 months ago

photosofghosts replied to Ecobird:

I share your feelings, dear Carol.
Thanks and all the best
7 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

You've captured a fine atmosphere here, Fabio!
7 months ago

sea-herdorf said:

Mystisch wirkt die Dunkelheit welche durch das zarte Licht durchdrungen wird, Fabio.
Besonders das blaue Licht erzeugt eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre.
Eine ganz besondere Stimmung.
Freundliche Grüße und einen guten Abend
7 months ago ( translate )

photosofghosts replied to sea-herdorf:

I too was drawn to that blue light, dear Erich, so mysterious and hieratic.
Sorry I'm late, warm greetings
6 months ago

Fred Fouarge said:

interisting interieur
7 months ago ( translate )

Mariagrazia Gaggero said:

Che bella foto! che bel gioco di luci
Tutto bene? Uno speciale saluto
6 months ago ( translate )

photosofghosts replied to Mariagrazia Gaggero:

Grazie, cara Mariagrazia, gentilissima come sempre !
Io sto bene, scusa il ritardo nella risposta.
Buona domenica
6 months ago ( translate )

Gabriella Siglinde said:

Magic moments...and colors!
6 months ago ( translate )

photosofghosts replied to Gabriella Siglinde:

Mi sono fatto prendere dall'atmosfera intima e sacra del Duomo, cara Gabriella.
Un saluto speciale
6 months ago ( translate )

©UdoSm said:

Very special and very atmospheric...
6 months ago ( translate )