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100 F (38c) Friday 8th August 2:15 pm Thetford Norfolk.
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Marie-claire Gallet said:

I think we are having the same heat wave !!!
6 weeks ago

Ulrich John said:

Like here ! Poooh !
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Roger Dodger said:

A little warm today Maurice! Have a pleasant weekend.
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Elaine said:

Warm in the Scottish Borders today but not that hot. A very pleasant 20 -21 degrees
6 weeks ago

Jean said:

It's been warm in Scotland but not impossibly so, thank goodness. I hope it cools down for you soon.
6 weeks ago

Ronald Losure said:

Even hotter than Mississippi, and it's always hot here. Drink plenty of water and stay in the shade, Maurice.
6 weeks ago

Percy Schramm said:

Pooh, it' s really warm today....
6 weeks ago

Annalia S. said:

Same here, HappySnapper. And 39°C forecast for tomorrow. Again. :(
6 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Not quite that hot here, but hot enough...phew!!
6 weeks ago

Doug Shepherd said:

Not so hot here Maurice!
6 weeks ago

Roger (Grisly) said:

Much warmer over you side of the country Maurice, 24.5c was all that we managed on the same day down here in the west.
6 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

I don't know about you Maurice..........but I've had enough of this heatwave! Bring on the cooler weather and a bit of rain!

Mind you, I'll probably moan about that as well.................
5 weeks ago

Colin Ashcroft said:

Hot stuff!
5 weeks ago