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Walthamstow Market in East London, Over a mile long used to be the biggest market in Europe, Multi National and versatile. Canary Wharf and the city of London looms in the background.
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Kenny said:

Love to have a browse around there Maurice.. i see a great variety of meats on offer in your PIP shot.. never tasted goat meat before have you?
4 months ago

HappySnapper replied to Kenny:

Yes I have Kenny, I was invited to a traditional Jamaican Blessing for my friends daughter followed by a dinner table that every guest (and there was a lot of them) contributed to, Goat was part of that meal along with other meats as in the PIP.
We visit family who live near by 3 or 4 times a year and I always go to the market to buy thermals from a particular stall very cheap and reasonable quality.
4 months ago

Ronald Losure said:

What a busy place. I don't doubt you could buy almost anything there.
4 months ago

Jean said:

A fascinating place. I would enjoy a good wander there.
4 months ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Lively and lovely streetscape.
4 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

A good shot of everyday life in the east end Maurice. I would love to have a look around that market.
4 months ago

Nicole Merdrignac said:

Très belle photo. Nicole.
4 months ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Used to see clients here for a time. We met after office hours. Was always late when the dogs were running!
4 months ago

HappySnapper replied to Andy Rodker:

You would have a shock now, the dog track is no more just expensive flats and apartments.
4 months ago