sunflowers . . . for International Friendship Day


now fading
slipping away
I've loved seeing them
for so many days
the bees where happy
and so was I
to see nature's beauty
is a delight to the eyes. . .


enjoy your weekend
whatever you may do
perhaps walking in nature
may your skies
be clear and blue
a little shower
to damp the dust
freshen the air
and leave everything
refreshed .


it's International Friendship Day today 30th July 2022
I wonder . . did you know ?

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Roger (Grisly) said:

As beautiful at this stage of life as they are in full bloom as this superb image proves, Beverley,
the briefest of showers passed this way this morning, but I'm hoping for more,
3 months ago

beverley replied to Roger (Grisly):

have to agree with you Roger ,. . age has no barrier
to beauty . . . each stage is different as in our own lives,
I like to see the changes but always sad when they leave,
brief showers here also . . a welcome relief . . . and yes,
we need more especially now there is a hosepipe ban :)
3 months ago

uwschu said:

sehr schön, Bev!
Sonniges Wochenende für Dich
3 months ago ( translate )

beverley replied to uwschu:

thanks so much for your visit
and kind comment . .
sunny weekend wished for you too !
3 months ago

tiabunna said:

A beautiful close-up of these sunflowers, Bev. I'm glad to see there's some relief from the hot dry conditions over there and hope your weekend is going well.
3 months ago

cammino said:

Ein wunderschönes, besinnliches Sommergedicht, begleitet von einem sehr gut gelungenen Sonnenblumen-Foto.
3 months ago ( translate )

Armando Taborda said:

I congratulate you, My Friend!
3 months ago ( translate )

beverley replied to Armando Taborda:

belated thanks :)
8 weeks ago

Schussentäler said:

Very beautiful sunflowers, they fit very well for International Friendship Day
3 months ago

Smiley Derleth said:

My favorite flower, Bev, and me without a crop this year. Thank you for this lovely photo.
3 months ago

beverley replied to Smiley Derleth:

Hello :) a belated thank you . . and I love sunflowers . .
sorry you have not had any this year . . lets hope next
year you will :)
8 weeks ago

Ecobird said:

One of my favourite flowers Beverley, - they always make me feel sunny and happy. This is a terrific shot. I love the way the heavy heads hang down, as if they are shy.

Beautifu and a wonderful verse
3 months ago

beverley replied to Ecobird:

I miss them during the winter months and always
feel happy when I see them aggain, many thanks belatedly !
8 weeks ago

Rafael said:

No sabía que estabas todavía por aquí. Quizás yo me vaya de aquí en un mes. Buen día !
2 months ago ( translate )

beverley replied to Rafael:

Rafael . . I had not seen you for such a long time, I thought you
had decided not to be active . . . you leave in a month, where will you
go I wonder ?
8 weeks ago