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Created for 'The Sunday Challenge': "Hallowe'en"

Saint Mary's churchyard.
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Jan said:

Great job! Also the gravestone looks like it has eyes. Definitely creepy
11 months ago

John Sheldon said:

A Well done 'transformation' for the purposes of Hallowe'en!
11 months ago

Nautilus said:

I am fond of that ! to be afraid is also a pleasure :-)
11 months ago

Diederik Santema said:

Strong and dark image, but not too dark.
Looks like a threatening atmosphere
11 months ago

Xata said:

Vampires are waking up, beware !
11 months ago ( translate )

Wierd Folkersma said:

a dark atmosphere, beautiful
11 months ago ( translate )

Clickity Click said:

Stoker this is really spooky and very well done! It looks quite foreboding!

11 months ago

Gillian Everett said:

Very well taken, such a brooding, dark scene
11 months ago ( translate )

Amelia said:

I wouldn't hang around here for any length of time. Far too spooky.
11 months ago

Jean Pierre Marcello said:

On se prépare à l'arrivée des vampires. Ambiance spectrale magnifiquement rendue.
11 months ago ( translate )

fragglerocks said:

Definitely gets the spooky vote!
11 months ago

Esther said:

Oooh! I have chills. From your photo and not from COVID.
10 months ago

PhLB - Luc Boonen said:

Spooky it is, definitely
10 months ago