the last - le dernier

TSC: #454 - blue - bleu

the last of the mohicans, always looking for light

le dernier des mohicans, cherchant toujours la lumière
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Xata said:

2 years ago

alains replied to Xata:

j'avais oublié son nom ... mais il y en a beaucoup d'autres
2 years ago ( translate )

Diederik Santema said:

These pens could also write red?
2 years ago ( translate )

alains replied to Diederik Santema:

only one ... 4 colours ... you can recognize it
but I've got lot of other pen ... if the chalenge is another colour.
2 years ago

Amelia said:

Any pen can write any colour. Here I am writing magenta. ;-)

Lots of hues of blue. ;-)
2 years ago

alains replied to Amelia:

lol ... different pens, different colors.
thanks amelia
2 years ago

Wierd Folkersma said:

nicely arranged.
I thought first to write wit a red felt pen "blue" :))
2 years ago

alains replied to Wierd Folkersma:

thanks to Magritte ... I thought to post a blue bottle with "this is NOT a blue bottle"
thanks wierd
2 years ago

Ghislaine said:

... des stylos au sang bleu tombés comme des mikados.
2 years ago ( translate )

alains replied to Ghislaine:

tsss c'est pô mikado, c'est Chingachgook
2 years ago

Ghislaine replied to alains:

m'en moque
ils ont tous le même teint à cause du détroit qu'était un tout petit gué...
2 years ago ( translate )

PhLB - Luc Boonen said:

interesting approach Alains
2 years ago

Esther said:

A very nice collection of blue.
2 years ago

Gillian Everett said:

Great idea!
2 years ago ( translate )

Gudrun - on tour said:

You have quite a collection;-) I like how the brush stand out!
2 years ago