Four Couples in a Car, 1942

A Vintage Photos Theme Park photo for the theme of friends. (The very first theme from May 27 to June 2, 2013, in celebration of the Vintage Photos Theme Park's tenth anniversary!)

A handwritten list of names and the year appear on the other side of this real photo postcard: "1942. Harry Trevis, Austin Lolly, Grace Barnard, Billie Miner, Lill Sanberg, Jean Olsen, Bill Ryan, & Jean Kearney."

A group of friends -- four couples -- sit in a car in front of a painted backdrop as they pose for a photo in an unidentified studio (possibly located in Coney Island).
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Deborah Lundbech said:

Interesting group with some distinctive expressions. Great find!
3 months ago

RicksPics said:

Good one. Certainly an especially attractive group of friends. Could be a scene from a movie. What's a decade among friends? ;)
3 months ago ( translate )