"There is no blue without yellow or orange..", Vincent van Gogh

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Now, Lisbon has a street painted blue

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Percy Schramm said:

Fantastic inspiration of yellow and blue. Great find, Judite ! Wish you a sunny saturday !
11 days ago

J.Garcia replied to Percy Schramm:

Thank you very much, Percy
A sunny Sunday to you
11 days ago

Keith Burton said:

A very attractive colour combination and lovely textures. Nice one Judite.

I like the quote too.
11 days ago

J.Garcia replied to Keith Burton:

Many thanks, Keith
11 days ago

Citoyen du Monde said:

Simple et beau !!!
11 days ago ( translate )

J.Garcia replied to Citoyen du Monde:

Un grand merci, Citoyen du Monde
11 days ago ( translate )

goandgo said:

The splendid matching of these colors and their spread on the wall recalls me the view from above of a stretch of sea with its golden beach.
You had a good eye in finding this detail and taking pictures of it.
11 days ago

J.Garcia replied to goandgo:

Sand and sea!
I like the idea, Goandgo
The street is painted blue, but yellow is a carpet in front of a very good shop
It's impossible not to notice
Thanks a lot
11 days ago

Ulrich John said:

That’s very beautiful, Judite ! Great to combine these colors !
11 days ago

J.Garcia replied to Ulrich John:

I agree!
Many thanks, John
11 days ago

Dimas Sequeira said:

Até parece uma bandeira: com uma rotação de 90º poderia ser a bandeira da Ucrânia!
11 days ago ( translate )

J.Garcia replied to Dimas Sequeira:

Muito bem observado, Dimas!
Muito obrigada
11 days ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Isto dá uma combinação de cores atraiente ou atractiva... pintaram uma rua assim?
11 days ago ( translate )

J.Garcia replied to Xata:

A rua está pintada de azul, o amarelo é um tapete à entrada de uma loja
Muito obrigada, Isabel
11 days ago ( translate )

Guy Bacca said:

Une image qui concrétise parfaitement cette affirmation de van Gogh
Une belle idée, Judite
11 days ago ( translate )