World Photography Day Wildfire Smoke

Today is world photography day. Here is my submission from my backyard. Smoke, smoke and more smoke. A cedar border in our yard and the mountain across the Columbia River in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.
Our air quality index is currently: Hazardous 320 AQI US
On the British Columbia Air Quality site, we are at 10+.

Photo taken shortly after noon PST. No clouds.

The masks we have been using for Covid are very useful when the atmosphere gets this thick.
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John FitzGerald said:

A very fitting photo for World Photography Day, Pappy. I hope you and your neighbours get relief soon.
3 months ago

jowe_fotokiwi said:

Buenos Dias

ein Bild was Eindruck macht

Oh mein Gott die Welt ist im Wandel
was hinterlassen wir unseren Kindern und was wollen wir uns an Enkeln erklären

LG Joerg
3 months ago ( translate )

Annaig56 said:

très belles natures et belle sérénité sur cette photo,
3 months ago ( translate )

Eva Lewitus said:

I very much hope it cleared up! What a sad photo for the World.
3 months ago

raingirl said:

Well photographed, showing the state of your world. This about the 3rd or 4th time I have lived with so much smoke that we need masks (and yes, still having Covid masks around has been useful for this). Down here in Oregon we are just today (Sunday) getting some of the smoke from your area along with some additional from Washington fires. Not as bad as where you are!

I hope your air smoke drops soon. (And hey, I live near the Columbia River also - but way at the other end in Portland, Oregon. Didn't realize you were up north from me.)

Thank you for still thinking about our event. Had you planned on going out somewhere to photograph for the day? Or were your tree lines a point of interest for you anyway?
3 months ago

Puchinpappy replied to raingirl:

We moved here last year from Alberta. I intended to go to a footbridge that provides a good view of our town. I went outside in my backyard to see if I could get a shot of the mountains across the river, without houses, and power lines. When the smoke is thick we can barely see across the river. This is what I got. Cooler weather and rain are in our forecast. It was 106F, a record, on a day last week.
3 months ago

raingirl replied to Puchinpappy:

Hope the cool wet weather we just got has made it to you as well.
3 months ago

Christa1004 said:

It's an impressive contribution for the WPD, I've heard about the terrible fires and hope you'll get relief as quick as possible.
3 months ago

Trevor King said:

My eyes were immediately drawn towards the spider webs at the top of the trees.
3 months ago

Puchinpappy replied to raingirl:

Yes, indeed. We got a remnant of Hilary followed by cooler temperatures and a nice gentle rain last night. A perfect day in the 70s today.
2 months ago

raingirl replied to Puchinpappy:

So glad.
2 months ago ( translate )

Xata said:

We have been updated on the situation… sad and hard. Hope better for you now.
2 months ago

J.Garcia said:

Three layers
Splendid effect wonderfully observed and taken
I know the situation is under control, fortunately
2 months ago