Happy New Year

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Armando Taborda said:

...what will be a new year for an old man?...

The best to you and yours, Steve!
8 months ago

Steve Bucknell replied to Armando Taborda:

And to you and yours, Armando.
Time to wear our trousers rolled, then.
8 months ago

J.Garcia said:

A beautiful clock without hands!
Tkanks and the best to you too, Steve!
8 months ago

Steve Bucknell replied to J.Garcia:

The hands are there, Judite, but they’ve fallen to the bottom and no longer work.
8 months ago

Ulrich John said:

Happy New Year, Steve !
8 months ago ( translate )

Billathon said:

Time’s up. 6.38 - either you are way too early with your new year’s greetings, or this is the morning after the night before. Either way, have great 2023, Steve.
8 months ago

Steve Bucknell replied to Billathon:

You too, Bill.
I’m thoroughly belated.
8 months ago

xenophora said:

8 months ago ( translate )

Marek Ewjan Stachows… said:

thank you Steve !
very attractive interesting picture
Happy New Year to you too !
8 months ago

Damir said:

Bonne Année !
8 months ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

Wish you also all the best
8 months ago

Sarah P. said:

Fabulous clock, belated Happy New Year!
(I was going to comment on the goat's head, but apparently, you have restricted comments for that pict. -- perhaps wisely.)
8 months ago