Proud parents

with 1 little one,

Futen in de polder Krimpenerwaard, mei 2017

Podiceps cristatus
E: Great crested grebe
D: Haubentaucher
F: Grèbe huppé

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micritter said:

Very nice photographs.
13 days ago

Peggy C said:

What a wonderful day to go swim ...

12 days ago ( translate )

Puzzler4879 said:

Superb photography, and we wish the happy family all the best! Congrats on Explore!
12 days ago ( translate )

Doug Shepherd said:

Wonderful capture.
10 days ago ( translate )

♥Annieta♥ said:

Thank you so much! :))
6 days ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

That's a very nice capture !
6 days ago ( translate )

Philippe Rouzet said:

très belle photo animalière de ces deux grèbes huppées.
5 days ago ( translate )

Emma said:

Très jolie photo !
4 days ago ( translate )

TigerHead said:

Delightful composition!!
32 hours ago ( translate )