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Sami Serola said:

Yet another test to share Club News etc. at Facebook.

This way one has to take an extra click to open the latest Club News article, but here I can share also other important and up-to-date links. Moreover, I can change the title, which then is shown on the embedded Facebook post as a link.

And if we get the photo replacement fixed some day, one can also update the image every now and then.
11 days ago

FotoArt said:

Funktioniert prima aus Facebook heraus.
10 days ago ( translate )

Armando Taborda said:

Go ahead!
10 days ago ( translate )

Ruesterstaude said:

Das Bild ist klasse, Sami! – Und danke für deine gute Arbeit!
10 days ago ( translate )

Bergfex said:

The picture is a very good, creative variation on the theme of advertising. I would only wish that the left camera was a little more concise.
The workaround is a good idea.
10 days ago

Sami Serola replied to Bergfex:

Well, the main idea is the page itself. So, ima.team account could do the same, and provide such posts to become used on Facebook advertising. That would solve the article image problem discussed on the ima team chat.

As I have mentioned, this is not ideal because the visitor has to click twice to get the latest news post. But by providing something more on such "photo news article", it does what wanted.

What come to this image in particular, you are welcome to use and do derivative works based on it:
In the playground
Attribution changed to allow derivative works (post processing to make one's own version).
9 days ago

Sami Serola replied to Bergfex:

Do you mean "ûbersichtlich" or "deutlich", as for clear and distinct? Finnish translations or English explanations for the word "concise" are not very clear to me ;-)
7 days ago

* ઇઉ * said:

Great, really creative work and very appealing, Sami.
One detail worth mentioning is already addressed by Bernhard, so that further commentary on it is dispensable.
10 days ago

Sami Serola replied to * ઇઉ *:

I do not quite understand the suggestion. The person on left holds the camera with two hands. The shadow is what the shadow is. Shadows often look deformed. So, what exactly should be different is not clear to me.

I can not take the image again. If this image is not good to be used for advertising, then it should not be used.
8 days ago

* ઇઉ * replied to Sami Serola:

Sorry, Sami, I didn't mean to offend you.
7 days ago

Sami Serola replied to * ઇઉ *:

No, no, I am not offended, * ઇઉ * =)

I truly wish to understand the suggestion. I am open for constructive feedback. And I do try to pay attention for details when taking such shadow images. Unfortunately they sometimes are situational, especially when shooting someone else's shadow.

And I am also open for post processing improvements. But then one needs more specific suggestions.
7 days ago

* ઇઉ * replied to Sami Serola:

Thank you, Sami, but once again sorry. I accidentally left out completely the fact of the momentum of shadows here. Of course, a shadow usually cannot be corrected afterwards, or hardly at all, unless by manual post-processing, brushes, etc., if necessary. But then this image would most likely lose its uniqueness and effect. Your final editing process is an act of artistic freedom and from my point of view not objectionable.

Still, the shadow of the camera on the left seems a bit clearer in your revised version below, but that could be deceiving.
4 days ago

Sami Serola said:

playground barking4
7 days ago ( translate )

Sami Serola replied to * ઇઉ *:

Not a big deal really =)

I genuinely just got lost on the translations of the word "concise". I was wondering if I need to make the shadow smaller or something.

Anyway, I am now happy with the second edit. And now seeking for new shadows ;-)


Some have said the shadow of a camera help vertical looks like one is holding a drinking glass in hand. I find it as a nice interpretation! =D
4 days ago