P Brain

what do you see through the porthole? is it safe?
it's amazing, captain. the humans haven't caught on. they believe we're a . . . fountain, I think they call it.
but there's one problem.
what's that?
a fountain has water. the humans will expect it.
wasn't that part of the design back on altair4?
well, we didn't really know what water was, until we got here.
we'll have to improvise!
I don't know! couldn't we pee out the window?
captain! you know we don't excrete! besides, we're the size of ants compared to these giants! they won't even notice!
hmmm. do ants pee?
how should I know?
start collecting them immediately. maybe they can be trained.
that's gonna take a lot of ants.
I want to see sprays of ant pee emanating from this vessel. huge waves of it!
gonna take a whole shitload of ants.
a veritable tidal wave of pee!
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Martine said:

Une superbe composition avec cette sculpture.
12 months ago ( translate )