Hopton Castle Star Trails

Star trails at Hopton Castle, Shropshire.
61 x 30second exposure images stacked together in Photoshop.
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Anton Cruz Carro said:

Impressive visual effect and remarkable result. Best wishes, Anton.
3 months ago ( translate )

Graham Chance replied to Anton Cruz Carro:

Thank you Anton.
3 months ago

Gudrun said:

The ruins and the red light make a good foreground for the stars! Amazing that the trails show up in different colours.
3 months ago

Annemarie said:

most beautiful!

an excellent work
Wish you a peaceful wednesday evening!
3 months ago ( translate )

Patrick Brandy said:

Beau travail bonne soirée.
3 months ago ( translate )

ColRam said:

Du bon travail et je suis d'accord avec Gudrun !
3 months ago ( translate )