Metalworkers In The Marrakesh Medina

This is a very small section of the amazing and massive Souk, within the Medina, in Marrakesh (or Marrakech for our French speaking friends). This area seemed to specialise in metalwork of all kinds, with men heating the metal using small open fires or braziers and working it with hammers, pliers and whatever else came to hand. The Souk is so full of surprises around every corner and down every alleyway with anything you can think of for sale, or being made, repaired or renovated. As we were on a tour, it was difficult to stop and take time for photos so this was taken 'on the fly' so to speak. I normally try to position places like this on the map ... but I really haven't got a clue where we were in this amazing Souk, so I'll just place it near the market place.

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Claudine Gaulier-Den… said:

bien rendu
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Lorraine said:

magnifique morceau de vie dans le souk
élément de fresque sociale 5 étoiles *****
13 days ago ( translate )

Peggy C said:

Magnificent Digital Memory, My Friend ..

Found in EXPLORE ....
13 days ago ( translate )

Petra said:

impressive scene
12 days ago ( translate )

Ruebenkraut said:

11 days ago ( translate )

Roger Dodger said:

Interesting street scene, nicely captured.
8 days ago ( translate )

raingirl said:

wonderful having such a long depth of field along with the haze giving it a feeling of great depth. what a wonderful photograph!!
8 days ago

Jorinde said:

Great shot, this scene!
7 days ago

Nora Caracci VERY BU… said:

superb moody street shot !
2 days ago

Rafael said:

Yo tengo una foto semejante.
38 hours ago