Tunu, Greenland.

Probably not the best place for a beach holiday.
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Diana Australis said:

But breathtakingly beautiful, Phil!
6 years ago

Phill G replied to Diana Australis:

Yes it was Di, a true wilderness. I wanted to be down there.
6 years ago

John FitzGerald said:

I agree. A striking capture. Good to see you back here.
6 years ago

Phill G replied to John FitzGerald:

Thanks John. A kind comment.
6 years ago

Pam J said:

Love this !!

Wavessssssssss !! Good to see you !
6 years ago

Phill G replied to Pam J:

Hello Pam. Grin, and likewise. Had a good trip to the Smokies in Tennessee.
6 years ago

Keith Burton said:

It all depends on how you like your beaches I suppose! Beautifully captured Phill.

Good to see you back............I thought you'd deserted us for good! Hope you are well.
6 years ago

Phill G said:

I like a bit of sand rather than a sheer drop.

Thanks Keith. I never desert my mates...I just go Walkabout now and again!
I'm doing quite nicely at the mo, ta! Trust you are too.
6 years ago