Ramen for dinner

Mother and I opted for ramen for dinner tonight.

Tokachi Japanese Restaurant.
328 Centre Street SE, Calgary.

Like most Japanese sushi restaurants in Canada and the U.S., it is run by Chinese immigrants.

It was a weeknight and we were a bit early, so the place wasn't busy.
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John FitzGerald said:

11 months ago

Canadian Pacific replied to John FitzGerald:

And it was!
11 months ago

Peggy C said:

Found in EXPLORE ....
11 months ago

Canadian Pacific replied to Peggy C:

Cool. Thanks!
11 months ago

John Oram said:

Your mother is a vegetarian.....
11 months ago

Canadian Pacific replied to John Oram:

Yes, but she is a sensible vegetarian. She would not touch the meat, or knowingly eat meat, but she would not avoid a dish that has been cooked with meat. And basically in such a situation, if the sole vegetarian option is not desirable (which it was in this case), she would order a meat dish and pass on the meat to me and only consumer the vegetables and starch.
11 months ago

H.-Marie said:

A fine food- well taken.
11 months ago ( translate )

Claudine Gaulier-Den… said:

Belle assiette!
11 months ago ( translate )