O&S[meme] - probability percentages

Nice summary of probability terminology.
[p = 0.0 to 1.00, with the later indicating complete certainty]

This infographic shows the "scale" used by military intelligence services.
[can't remember where I found this]
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Peter_Private_Box said:

Hi Sara
This is a standard used by managers of any project in order to evaluate and manage risk.
Prince2 uses the same methodology. The probability is then multiplied by the cost of the consequences to give a risk value. This will inform the decision as to how much effort can be applied to dealing with it.
Best Wishes, and stay safe!!
3 months ago

GrahamH said:

And similar to diagrams I've used when teaching English language to explain the words of different degrees of things. eg freezing-cold-warm-hot-boiling.
3 months ago