bwc - Stress ? who, me ?

Settled down for the evening after dinner snooze, in the 'pop-up' tent.
He had been getting some strokes and ear scritches, resulting in the usual loud purrs.
As the purrs got softer and slower, it was clear he was going to sleep.
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StoneRoad2013 said:

This has become a regular evening "activity" from a cat that wouldn't even come to the back step for a dish of food last year ...
2 months ago

cammino said:

Cats could be a role model for us ;)
2 months ago

Hélène Lombard said:

Adorable chat endormi !!!
2 months ago ( translate )

Boarischa Krautmo said:

2 months ago ( translate )

Charlotte said:

I wish I could sleep like that ... lovely shot!
2 months ago