Fig. 78

Madonna of the 'Yarnwinder' (Lansdowne version)
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Dinesh said:

Dozens of versions of this picture, either by Leobnardo or his assistants and followers, still exist, and there has been much debate by experts, as well as some advocacy by owners and dealers regarding which might be one Leonardo himself painted and sent to Robertet. Two of the surviving versions, known as the Buccleuch Madonna and the Lansdowne Madonna (fig 78), are considered most likely to reflect the most involvement of Leonardo’s own hand. Buyt the quest to designate the “real” or “original Leonardi version actually missers larger meaning of the tale of the Yarnwinders..

The emotional power of the ‘Yarnwinder’ scene comes from the psychological complexity and intensity of the Baby Jesus as he contemplates and grapples with the yarnwinder, which is in the shape of a cross. Other painters had shown Jesus looking at objects that foretold the Passion, as Leonardo had done in the devotional paintings of Madonna and Child he had made Benois Madonna and the other little paintings in his early years. But the ‘Yarnwinder’ paintings are energized by what had become Leonardo’s special ability to convey a psychological narrative. ` Page 309

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Roger (Grisly) said:

Interesting art and narrative Dinesh
Have a nice weekend
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Percy Schramm said:

Fine capture and interesting informations. Wish you a sunny weekend, Dinesh !
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