HMS Discovery in the Ross Sea on the Great Ice Barrier

Painting by Bruce Clark

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Dinesh said:

. . . In March 1901, ‘Discovery’ was launched. At 121 feet long, she had a 2-foot-thick hull and bow of 8-foot-thick oak, with further outside strengthening of galvanised steel plating. Her hull was flatter than it should have been for a sailing vessel, as she was designed to ride up on the ice and crush it, rather than bust through it. With the lack of a keel, ‘Discovery’ rolled up to 50 degrees in anything more than a light chop. (Similar in fact to certain Russian Ice breaker) ~ Page 9

Prior to sailing, ‘Discovery’ was visited by a steady procession of cranks and wackos. The Flat Earth Society turned up armed with charts showing the Antarctic ice barrier was actually a safety ring around the earth, and if the men sailed through it they would disappear into outer space. Another group turned up on deck and cursed the voyage. It took everything Scott had to prevent the sailors from tossing the group into the Thames. They finally shooed the last of the zealots of the ship and, August 6, ‘Discovery sailed south. ~ Page 13
5 weeks ago