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Dinesh said:

The full African moon poured down its light from the blue sky into the wide, lonely plain. The dry, sandy earth, with its coating of stunted karoo bushes a few inches high, the low hills that skirted the plain, the milk-bushes with their long finger-like leaves, all were touched by a weird and an almost oppressive beauty as they lay in the white light.

In one spot only was the solemn monotony of the plain broken. Near the centre a small solitary kopje rose. Alone it lay there, a heap of round ironstones piled one upon another, as over some giant’s grave. Here and there a few tufts of grass or small succulent plants had sprung up among its stones, and on the very summit a clump of prickly-pears lifted their thorny arms, and reflected, as from mirrors, the moonlight on their broad fleshy leaves. At the foot of the kopje lay the homestead. First, the stone-walled sheep kraals and Kaffer huts; beyond them the dwelling-house—a square, red-brick building with thatched roof. Even on its bare red walls, and the wooden ladder that led up to the loft, the moonlight cast a kind of dreamy beauty, and quite etherealized the low brick wall that ran before the house, and which inclosed a bare patch of sand and two straggling sunflowers. On the zinc roof of the great open wagon-house, on the roofs of the outbuildings that jutted from its side, the moonlight glinted with a quite peculiar brightness, till it seemed that every rib in the metal was of burnished silver.
Sleep ruled everywhere, and the homestead was not less quiet than the solitary plain.
Excerpt “The Story of an African Farm” Chapter 1 : Shadows from Child life
7 months ago

Janet Brien said:

This image is so moody and quiet. Just enough detail to look carefully to see what it is.
Then I looked to see the comment you left, which by itself was unique because it wasn't left in the description spot under the photo. But then to read the first line...and then to be pulled in, completely captivated by the marvelous detail...WOW! I felt that I was right there.

Thanks for introducing me to this remarkable author. I plan to read this book when I can manage to fit it into my schedule!
7 months ago

Annaig56 said:

très jolie ambiance j'aime,
7 months ago ( translate )

Edna Edenkoben said:

A little spooky, but that's what I like about it!
7 months ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Magnifique ce Clair-Obscur.*****
6 months ago ( translate )