HFF and a nice weekend!

Please, wish me luck today - my central heating boiler (and not only that)
is going to be replaced - the operation effectively starting just this morning.
I'll go off-line in a few moments. Be back later. Hopefully...

Saturday morning - an update on status:
good news: the new boiler is in place and working,
bad news: at the end of that day when they filled radiators with water something broke at the very top of the house and I got a little deluge to deal with, they are going to fix it today,
good news: it is not so hot as yesterday.
Oh, I am exhausted...

Saturday afternoon - almost there:
the broken thing was cut out and shown to me. Now I am happy as a lark that it decided to leak yesterday and not later in autumn or winter when it would cause real problem. The work team is gone. I called for my bill...

Yashica Mat + Ilford HP5+ + Kodak HC-110 (Dil.B)
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Elena M said:

have a nice weekend you too!!
9 months ago

Gisela Plewe said:

I wish you a successful day, while I am looking to this beautiful fence picture.
9 months ago

Guy Bacca said:

L'arbre se dresse marquant la fin de l'espace clos... Belle image
Bonne fin de semaine
9 months ago ( translate )

Judith Jannetta said:

HFF Marta, and good luck with your boiler replacement (especially with the bill!)
9 months ago

Richard Nuttall said:

HFF and good luck - we had ours done a few years ago -so I know what you mean- think heat in Winter!!!!
9 months ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

HFF and a nice weekend.
9 months ago ( translate )

Thérèse said:

Superbe ce bb ! Bon we
9 months ago ( translate )

Tacheles said:

HFF Marta.
9 months ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle said:

Nice work and picture here Marta.

HFF and have a great weekend, Herb
9 months ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

HFF, Marta ! Wish you a good weekend !
9 months ago

Dida From Augsburg said:

HFF and successful repairs!
9 months ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

Nice image Marta,
HFF and a great weekend.
9 months ago ( translate )

Karp Panta said:

HFF and a very nice weekend !!!
9 months ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Linda Marta... HFF
9 months ago ( translate )

Steuermann said:

Imponujące jest Twoje myślenie o kotle CO w środku upalnego lata, Marto.
I, jak napisała Judith Jannetta, oby rachunek nie doprowadził Cię do udaru cieplnego. ;-)
HFF i udanego weekendu!
9 months ago ( translate )