The Three Lambs ...

Running late again, but for what it's worth here is my entry for this week's, or should that be last week's, Sunday Challenge.

In keeping with recent challenges there were a few options around a central theme and I elected to go with a combination of Spring and New Growth.

I had been hoping to use one of the shots I took whilst doing the Farndale Daffodil Walk, but in the end I wasn't all that happy with the shots I got on the day and so decided to look for inspiration elsewhere.

As it happens, that was to be found much closer to home, in a small field on the outskirts of Northallerton that contained a few sheep along with their fairly young looking lambs.

Initially, when I came upon them and moved in to try and get a close up shot there were only two lambs in my sights - the two in the foreground. However, once I'd started snapping away a third lamb came across and nuzzled in behind them.

I guess he just didn't want to miss the opportunity of having his photo taken!

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Doug Shepherd said:

A cracker for sure Paul, congratulations.
12 months ago

autofantasia replied to Doug Shepherd:

Glad you like it Doug and thanks for the star! :)
12 months ago

Delirium said:

12 months ago ( translate )

autofantasia replied to Delirium:

Much appreciated as is the group suggestion! :)
12 months ago

Shuttering Yukon said:

ewe did good this week doc! I shall bleat out a quick comment about how flippin' cute this is and be on my way!
12 months ago

autofantasia replied to Shuttering Yukon:

Wendi, when ewe do puns so baa-dly perhaps ewe shouldn't! ;)
12 months ago ( translate )

Amelia Heath said:

I won't give you a lambasting for posting this cute photo late, Paul. ;-)
12 months ago

autofantasia replied to Amelia Heath:

Somewhat less obvious than the ones that Wendi and I came up with, but please can we stop it with the puns now! ;)
12 months ago

Claudia G said:

Adorable capture !
12 months ago ( translate )

autofantasia replied to Claudia G:

Thank you Claudia for the kind comment and the star! :)
12 months ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

wow, what a lovely springtime image.
12 months ago

autofantasia replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Pleased you like it Jaap and thank you for he group suggestions! :)
12 months ago

Martine said:

Ils sont superbes.
12 months ago ( translate )

autofantasia replied to Martine:

Yes, I thought so too and not at all put off by me even though I got to within a few feet of them to take the shot! :)
12 months ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Tendresse et délicatesse +++++
Bonne soirée.
12 months ago ( translate )