Yin yang

Sunday challenge = Ying Yang as opposites
Cashew nuts were my inspiration
They are natural ying yang opposites
and ... longtime favorites
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Annemarie said:

This IS a Fantastic contribution
2 months ago ( translate )

Amelia said:

This is inspired. Such a lovely way of thinking.
2 months ago

Xata said:

Favorites too, bit one of the few things I cannot have at home because I can’t resist eating them !
Yummi creativity!
2 months ago

Esther said:

That is so clever!
2 months ago

Gillian Everett said:

Very clever, the cashew has the perfect shape, and your setup is so good. Love cashews.
2 months ago

Jean Pierre Marcello said:

Excellent travail. Très belle réussite. Belle contribution pour une oeuvre d’art comestible.
2 months ago ( translate )

MaggsMep said:

2 months ago ( translate )