CMT22 = Food for dinner

Mainly for breakfast, sometimes for dinner,
Dutch fine yoghurt with cereals never bores me
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Gillian Everett said:

Nicely minimal :-)
4 months ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Never bores me either !
4 months ago ( translate )

Gudrun said:

Excellent high key!
I guess I'm the odd one out, I can eat soup, vegetables or sild for breakfast and rather have cereals in the afternoon;-)
4 months ago

Annemarie said:

well done Luc
4 months ago ( translate )

Jean Pierre Marcello said:

Excellent cliché. L’ombre portée donne beaucoup de relief à ce noir et blanc minimaliste et intrigant.
3 months ago ( translate )

Esther said:

Works well in black and white.
3 months ago