TSC Springtime (When I Grow Old I Shall Wear Purple)

Flowers seen on a walk through town.

On black and large is nice.

The three original photographs used in the combined image are in the note boxes.
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Sami Serola said:

Super creative! =)
8 months ago

Clickity Click replied to Sami Serola:

Thank you Sami, I am going to make note cards from this image. Glad you like the way it turned out. :)
8 months ago

christel.k said:

sehr gute kreative Arbeit, Chris!
8 months ago ( translate )

Clickity Click replied to christel.k:

Dance, appreciate your k8nd words christel.
8 months ago ( translate )

fragglerocks said:

Wonderful processing job and all three are lovely on their own.
8 months ago

Clickity Click replied to fragglerocks:

Thank you very much Fraggle al2ays appreciate your thoughts.
8 months ago

Judith Jannetta said:

Great combination of images, makes an abundant spring image.....and IO love that poem too. I think - having recently reached 70 - I can now do the stuff the poem says!
8 months ago

Clickity Click replied to Judith Jannetta:

Well Judith I started wearing purple long before I turned 70.a few years ago!
Just remember we're not as young as we used to be but then we're not as old as we're going to be!!! Thanks
8 months ago

H C said:

Stunning processing. Love the poem too, but I don't think I'll ever start wearing purple even though I'm old enough.
8 months ago

Clickity Click replied to H C:

Harriet I have always liked shades of purple but not a color everyone is found of. Glad you liked the pic and poem.
8 months ago

Dida From Augsburg said:

Very lovely flower shots, your processing is the icing on the cake and I like the colors very much!
8 months ago

Clickity Click replied to Dida From Augsburg:

Thanks Dida glad you liked the way it turned out
8 months ago

PhLB - Luc Boonen said:

countless flowers to announce spring, super
8 months ago ( translate )

Gillian Everett said:

Gorgeous floral abstract and colours
8 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

ABSOLUMENT MAGNIFIQUE cette superbe composition .
Tes notes sont admirables .
8 months ago ( translate )