Nederland - Leeuwarden, Grote of Jacobijnerkerk

The Grote of Jacobijnerkerk was originally a chapel of the Dominican or Jacobin monks; a monastery which was founded in 1245. The church itself was built between 1275 and 1310 and therefore it is the oldest building in Leeuwarden. In 1392 the building was badly damaged by a fire, but two years later restored. Early 16th century an aisle was added and later the church was extended with a bay.

The gothic building was converted into a protestant church during the reformation and lost her altars and many of the decorations. The church is still used by the protestant community of Leeuwarden for their services

The Grote of Jacobijnerkerk is one of the three churches in the Netherlands with a royal crypt. Between 1588 and 1765 sixteen members of the Frisian branch of the Nassau family - the ancestors of the current Dutch royal family - were entombed in this church: six stadtholders of Friesland, their spouses and children.

Main image: Oranjepoortje (Orange gate)
In 1663 a portal in classical style was added to the choir, especially for members of the Nassau family. The current Oranjepoortje still consists of an outer and inner gate, of which only the former has doors. The triangular pediment was given a new Orange Tree in 1948.
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