Nederland - Niehove en kerk

The village of Niehove dates back to before our era. Initially it was called Suxwort (Zuidwierde); around the year of 1200 it got its current name. Niehove is a beautiful example of a wierde village: a wierde is a man made elevation that served as a location for villages and as a refuge during rising water. Under the name Suxwort the village was for centuries the capital of Humsterland, which at that time - when the sea came much further inland - was a real island.

Niehove remained largely unchanged through the centuries. The village resembles a kind of spider’s web on its round wierde. The little red brick houses are located in two circles around the church, with their backs turned to the fields.

The church of Niehove (couldn’t find a ‘real’ name) is located on the top of the wierde. The Roman-Gothic church was built around the year of 1230, on the spot where a little wooden church has stood. Until the 16th century it was the only stone building in the village. It was not until the 18th century that the church was furnished with benches. Before then, churchgoers had to stand: men at the south side and women at the north side. For a long time, the Niehove churchyard was separated from the street by a circular canal, which was to force ghosts to remain at the churchyard and prevent them from venturing out into the village.

Today the church has an interesting visitor centre with information about the village and Humsterland. It is also used for events and weddings.
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John Cass said:

Wonderful image, nicely framed, and great PiP's.
2 months ago

Walter 7.8.1956 said:

Vielen Dank für die tollen Bilder, ind die Informationen!!
2 months ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

An imposing bullding...........it must have really dominated the village at one time! Beautifully captured Jaap.............and I also like the PiPs.
2 months ago

Schussentäler said:

danke für die Infos zu dieser Serie
2 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Admirablement captée et rendue...!
2 months ago ( translate )

J.Garcia said:

I really appreciate these places, calm and peaceful to rest forever
Superb images
Many thanks also for the very interesting information, Jaap
2 months ago

Annemarie said:

a nice series of a beautiful place!
2 months ago ( translate )

Joe, Son of the Rock replied to Annemarie:

Lovely kirk, Jaap, with the type of pantiles that are very common in the east of Scotland. All the best, Joe
2 months ago

Weard Bültena said:

eine sehr schöne schlichte Erscheinung.
Schön eingerahmt mit den Bäumen.
Danke für die Informationen. Immer wieder spannend zu lesen.
2 months ago ( translate )

cammino said:

Eine wirklich originelle Kirche!
2 months ago ( translate )

Nouchetdu38 said:

Nice typical church and village!!!!!!!!!
Have a nice evening!!!
2 months ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

Sehr schön präsentiert, Jaap !
2 months ago ( translate )

Gary Schotel said:

Wow....great history ......great shot...... awesome little church.
2 months ago

Hélène Lombard said:

Beau cadrage sur cette belle église et son joli clocher .
2 months ago ( translate )

Peter Castell said:

The idea of men and women standing on opposite sides fits the appearance of the church quite plain nothing to distract from the worship
2 months ago