Nederland - Hoog Soeren

Hoog Soeren: quiet village during ( ↑ ) and before ( ↓ ) the corona crisis.

Even before the beginning of our era, Germanic tribes had settlements in the area where the village of Hoog Soeren is situated. The early 20th century excavated urns from burial mounds are reminders of this. Hoog Soeren is one of the oldest settlements in the Veluwe and originated on high dry parts of the Veluwe. The proximity of some fens made an existence here possible.

Early 9th century the village was mentioned as Suornom or Suornum. It had several other names before the village became in the mid 19th century its current name. This may be derived from the Old Saxon “sôr”, which means “arid” or “dry”. Not strange as Hoog Soeren is located on a height of 85 meters, a high and dry part of the Veluwe, the largest nature area in the Netherlands.

Hoog Soeren is surrounded by the woods of the Kroondomein Het Loo (Het Loo Royal Estate) and is a protected village area. It has only three paved roads with a name, all other houses along dirt roads have as address the name of the village with a number.

Until the end of the 19th century, Hoog Soeren was an agricultural community, which developed into a settlement for forest workers, foresters and gamekeepers. In the 1930’s many local people had to sell their farm and land. From that period on, a village with civilian houses gradually came into being and became a popular settlement for wealthy people from the western part of the country. A number of farms were transformed into residential houses, but many new houses were built as well. In the first half of the 19th century the area also became a tourist attraction - with some hotels and guesthouses - and an attractive place to live and stay for wealthy people.

Nowadays Hoog Soeren has about 250 permanent inhabitants, living in 100 houses. It has no school either a shop, but a lovely little village church, which was built in 1904.
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Gudrun said:

The juxtaposition of winter and spring shots is a fabulous idea- the village looks good either way! HFF, Jaap, have a good weekend!
11 days ago

Kawasirius said:

Joli petit village pittoresque dans la verdure ! la vie doit y être agréable ! Excellent choix avec la comparaison des saisons printanière et hivernale !
Bon week-end, Jaap ! HFF !
11 days ago ( translate )

Berny said:

Very nice comparison!
11 days ago ( translate )

Loose_Grip said:

Beautiful. I have good memories of cycling in the Veluwe.

HFF Jaap.
11 days ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

Lovely village, Jaap !!! Gorgeous contrast between Winter and Spring !!! HFF and a lovely week-end for you !!!
11 days ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Admirable ces contraires qui s'opposent... HFF.
11 days ago ( translate )

Walter 7.8.1956 said:

Sehr schön zusammengestellt, und Danke für die Informationen!
HFF - und schöne Pfingsttage!!
11 days ago ( translate )

Jean said:

Two lovely images. So nice to see the contrasts and similarities between the images. I think the wintry one is my favourite. Have a good weekend.
11 days ago

Tacheles said:

Mooie dorpje HFF Jaap.
11 days ago ( translate )

Julien Rappaport said:

Ces deux photos sont très belles , j'aime beaucoup celle faite en hiver . ****************
11 days ago ( translate )

Adele said:

Winter and summer picture together! Great idea and beautiful shots.
Have a great weekend Jaap
11 days ago

annaig56 said:

extra les deux extremes,,,
10 days ago ( translate )

Peter Castell said:

I think the Winter view makes the best photographic subject, HFF Jaap I hope you have a nice weekend
10 days ago

Madeleine Defawes said:

Superbes images été - hiver !
HFF and Have a haelthy weekend
10 days ago ( translate )

Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* said:

extraordinaire et belle série**********************
belle fin de semaine Jaap♫
10 days ago ( translate )