Switzerland - Matterhorn

The majestic Matterhorn - king of mountains with a height of 4.478 metres - is the most famous landmark of Switzerland. Most probably this triangular pyramid shaped rock is the most photographed mountain in the world.

Its shape and free-standing position make the Matterhorn to be the epitome of a mountain. There is no better-known mountain in the world whose natural shape is so close to a pyramid. Hundred million years ago enormous forces brought Africa closer to Europe. Fifty million years later, as the rock masses folded and deformed, the Matterhorn was born from the rock thrusting upwards.

Matterhorn is first mentioned in medieval documents as Mons Silvus, which finally became Mont Cervin in French and Cervino in Italian. The German name Matterhorn first appears in the year 1682. The name is probably derived from Matte, meaning alpine meadow, referring to the grassy valley, which has now been almost completely covered by the village of Zermatt.
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Judith Jannetta said:

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belle montagne
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So beautiful Landscape! Like it much!
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Beautiful mountain - HFF
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Belle perspective sur le Mont Cervin !
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An iconic peak beautifully photographed.
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