On 1 March 1943, thirty-six bombers of the 12th Air Force dropped 94 tons of bombs over the harbour: of Palermo; the objective was hit, disabling the drydock and sinking the destroyer Geniere and some smaller vessels, but once again part of the bombs fell on the city, hitting among other things the Cathedral.
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Jaap van 't Veen said:

War causes a lot of misery.
Well seen and captured Annemarie.
2 weeks ago

Ko Hummel said:

HWW Annemarie
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Makrofan said:

HWW, Annemarie. Danke für die Beschreibung!
2 weeks ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Marvelous capture! HWW!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
2 weeks ago ( translate )

sunlight said:

HWW Annemarie
Krieg ist furchtbar!!!
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Léopold said:

So sad and outrageous to read this. I just hate people who provoke and maintain wars of all kind. I was in Palermo in 1977.
2 weeks ago

Walter 7.8.1956 said:

2 weeks ago ( translate )

Wierd Folkersma said:

the horrors of war, HWW Annemarie!
2 weeks ago

Joe, Son of the Rock said:

Well spotted and well photographed. Best wishes.
2 weeks ago

J. Gafarot said:

What a pity, Annemarie.
I was already living in this crazy world.
HWW to you and one fresh Good Morning.
2 weeks ago

Krisonteme said:

Le monde est fou !
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Xata said:

A tribute, simple but no words needed on this ruined wall.
HWW Annamaria
2 weeks ago

Percy Schramm said:

HWW, Annemarie !
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Bien renseignée et admirablement partagée.
HWW et Bonne journée paisible.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

LotharW said:

Immer wieder traurig, so etwas zu sehen. Aber trotzdem HWW, Annemarie
2 weeks ago ( translate )