3. Scheria (Σχερία)

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Synopses of Book V-VIII in The Odyssey. poseidon64.tripod.com/Odyssey.html
Up on Mount Olympus, home of the gods, Poseidon is returing from his journey and is mad at Odysseus.
The god rouses a storm so powerful it breaks the raft to splinters.
Odysseus spends and additional two days at sea when he reaches the shore of Scheria, kisses the land, crawls under the shelter of some olive trees and falls asleep.

Athene visits Princess Nausicaa in a dream prodding her to take the responsibilities of a woman now that she's at a marrieagable age, Nausicaa asks her father, King Alcinous of Scheria, for a wagon so she can go do the laundry at the washing cisterns.
When Nausicaa and her friends are done washing they play ball and by accident awaken the unknown Odysseus. In a wonderful speech he tells Nausicaa how beautiful she is, then asks for help. The girls wash and feed the dirty man then give him a tunic to wear. Nausicaa is impressed by his manliness and tells him how to get into town and appeal to her mother for hospitality.
Again Athene helps him by disguising herself as a Phaeacian and leading him to the palace of Alcinous where Odysseus throws himself on the mercy of Queen Arete. Arete notices that she has made the clothes that Odysseus is wearing then asks him how he got to Phaecia and then to Scheria. .................The King is so impressed he offers his daughter's hand in marriage to Odysseus; Alcinous promises him help in getting home if he prefers that alternative.
Next day there is a feast and athletic competition in Odysseus's honour. Odysseus is taunted and teased by a young Phaeacian, who mistakes him for a merchant incapable of physical activity. Odysseus shows him by throwing a record breaking discus. The Phaeacians give Odysseus numerous gifts, and Nausicaa begs him to remember how he owes his safety to her.

Odysseus asks Demodocus to sing of the Trojan Horse at the feast, then the lost King of Ithaca starts to weep.
Seeing this King Alcinous asks Odysseus to tell him about himself.
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