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A stinkbug on one of my citrus trees. Something I'd prefer to not find!
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Ronny Hermans said:

however a great macro ;)
8 weeks ago

Simone Maurel said:

incroyable bestiole....
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Günter Klaus said:

Das glaub ich lieber George,aber deine Nahaufnahme ist großartig :))

Wünsche noch einen schönen Nachmittag,ganz liebe Grüße Güni :))
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful and a little bit scary close-up
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

But it’s a great macro, George !
8 weeks ago

Edna Edenkoben said:

LOL, we have them, too! I can imagine that you'd rather not find it. Sometimes they even sneak into houses or apartments here...how very uncool of them. Although this capture is really cool...after all I'm far enough away, so I can't smell it ;-)
8 weeks ago

©UdoSm said:

The animal looks like a sliced slice of fruit with legs. What nature produces so strange...
8 weeks ago

Annemarie said:

but a great macro here !
8 weeks ago

Stephan Fey said:

Everything said already! ***
8 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I guess it earned it's name George! A fascinating picture and such great detail and clarity!
I hope it disappears soon, one way or another!!
8 weeks ago

Boro said:

Superbe *********
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Dinesh said:

Beautiful image; and a miracle of nature / evolution
8 weeks ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Awesome macro! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
8 weeks ago

Pam J said:

7 weeks ago

Nouchetdu38 said:

Australian stinkbugs are very different from ours but are just as harmful!!!
In any case, the photo is very successful***
Friendly greetings*****
7 weeks ago