Ovens Wattle

The wattles are having a spectacular flowering at present. I photographed this one up on the Southern Tablelands and thought at the time it was a Black Wattle. When I looked at the photos and compared them with the references, I realised it is a much less common Ovens Wattle, found only in a relatively small area up that way. An image of the whole tree in the PiP.

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Fred Fouarge said:

Lijkt ook iets op mimosa
8 days ago ( translate )

Amelia Heath said:

This looks like mimosa. I love the smell of the flowers and the fact that the plant is touch sensitive.

8 days ago

neira-Dan said:

superbe arbre !! Les acacias sont effectivement très proches des mimosas
Nom international : Acacia pravissima
8 days ago ( translate )

cp_u said:

Wonderful gold!
8 days ago ( translate )

Sarah P. said:

Wattle is a rather ugly name for such a beautiful tree. We call them Acacias.
I understand though that people with allergies don't love them.
8 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Both are lovely pictures George and the close-up shows it beautifully.
8 days ago

beverley said:

always I am fascinated by the names :)
8 days ago

Ulrich John said:

Reminds me to mimosa. Thanks for showing, George !
8 days ago

micritter said:

Lovely photos.
8 days ago

Diana Australis said:

They sure are this year, George. One truly sees our green and gold everywhere.
Big giant hugs…Diana
8 days ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Lovely little flowers; like the bright yellow colour.
8 days ago

Pam J said:

7 days ago ( translate )

Rainer Blankermann said:

Beautiful small flowers. I like the bright yellow!
7 days ago

Simone Maurel said:

de toute beauté
7 days ago ( translate )

Nora Caracci said:

splendid yellow, amazing to see mimosas during "our" late summer !
7 days ago