Yaquina Lighthouse (+6 insets)

(+6 insets)

Coastal Travel
Steve and I have been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time now along the Oregon coast. Both of us are familiar with the unpredictable nature but it's interesting to experience it first-hand. Everything from crazy storms to still beaches and everything in-between. We'd had so much wind, rain and stormy conditions during our stay at Beverly Beach that when a sunny day greeted us one morning, we immediately made plans to visit the nearby lighthouse at Yaquina Head.

Today's Picture
A couple of days ago I shared a panorama showing the walk out to the lighthouse. This sight had us taking pictures from many angles to appreciate it completely! What a lovely building and beautifully cared for. It was built in 1873 and the lands there also included housing, farmyards and gardens for the caretakers--they had to raise and grow their own food, since they really were a long way from civilization! Steve and I walked around the remaining foundations and tried to imagine their incredibly lovely but lonely existence there. If you're like to know more, this article goes into much more detail: The History of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Today's Insets
Inset #1: The lovely Salal Trail led up a tall hill near the lighthouse and Steve and I were just wowed at the incredible views. Steve had to force me to keep moving because I couldn't resist taking a million pictures!

Inset #2: We saw lots of Black-Striped Sparrows who foraged on the blueberry-like Salal berries covering the bushes which lined much of the trail. I was delighted to get this picture--they were careful to fly away when we got too close, and I kept getting bushes with no birds! :D

Inset #3: Down on the cobble beach near the seals, I found countless pretty vignettes to photograph. There were so many lovely groupings of stones in this setting, and this one I especially liked.

Inset #4: This is another grouping of cobbles that I appreciated which also included driftwood, of which there was plenty scattered on the beach.

Inset #5: Seals are so itchy! I found that they spent a lot of time scratching their sides and faces. This is a well-fed baby rubbing its face with its flipper. (Have you ever seen the skeleton of a seal? Their flippers reveal 5-fingered hands! (here is a mounted skeleton) Remarkable!)

Inset #6: This darling baby, with mama nearby, looks back in my direction as if it knows I'm taking a picture! I'm so far away that I'm undetectable with its poor on-land vision, but I like to think that it's posing just for me! :D This is also the last picture of the seals from this trip!

Thank You For Visiting!
It's hard to believe that February is nearly through…how did that happen? Steve and I are making our last preparations before we depart on our next trip and our house-sitter is stopping by to drop off supplies for his long stay too! We are feeling better about things with restrictions easing, I hope you are all doing well. Thanks so much for your visits, comments and stars!

Explored on 2/21/22; highest placement #8.
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Fred Fouarge said:

Mooie Foto met nog mooiere Pips
4 months ago ( translate )

sunlight said:

Wunderbare Fotos mit Beschreibung Janet !
Das Leuchtturmfoto ist ganz besonders schön !
4 months ago ( translate )

Günter Klaus said:

..........da hast du wieder eine sehr schöne BBildserie deiner Runde zusammen gestellt liebe Janet,schön sind sie wieder geworden:))

.........wünsche noch einen schönen Abend,ganz liebe Grüße Güni:))
4 months ago ( translate )

Peter Castell said:

A lovely set of coastal images Janet
4 months ago ( translate )

Stephan Fey said:

Wonderful, Janet!
4 months ago ( translate )

José Manuel Polo said:

Magnífica serie con buenas fotografías.
4 months ago ( translate )

Josiane Dirickx said:

Il est magnifique ce phare !
4 months ago ( translate )

Dominique 60 said:

six images merveilleuses janet !!
4 months ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Awesome shot and PIPs! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
4 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh it looks a superb place - and I'm not surprised you took loads of picture when you walked on that cliff path - the views are just awe inspiring. That is a great picture of the bird, and you were lucky to manage to capture a photo of it. To see seals so close up is magical - you lucky thing.

I'm so pleased to hear that you and Steve will be off again on your next trip. I look forward to seeing more views of this wonderful area.
4 months ago

Pam J said:



4 months ago

PascalL said:

magnifique série,
4 months ago ( translate )

uwschu said:

Interessant, wie man die Weg dort entlang des Leuchtturms gelegt hat, schöner Anblick
4 months ago ( translate )

Diana Australis said:

It certainly is a marvellous coast..rich in animal life and lovely scenery. Your lighthouse shot is superb, Janet.
Have a good week!
4 months ago

LotharW said:

Eine schöne Serie, mit umfangreichen Erklärungen!, Janet!
4 months ago ( translate )