HBM! Mossy Bench at Beverly Beach State Park (+7 insets)

(+7 insets)

The Beverly Beach Trail…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
When I read about this park, there were remarks that the trail which makes a loop around the park is hugely popular--too popular in fact--for people hoping for peace and serenity. I wondered about that and discovered that the proclamation was both true and false. An early morning walk met with no others and I shared the forest with twittering birds and lovely light. As the day went on, however, the number of people I encountered went up dramatically. Weekends were a high point for sure. Unleashed in this safe haven, children ran amok without supervision, screaming and yelling, breaking off branches--and even toppling a young tree in fact!--destroying and trampling plants, and leaving destruction visible everywhere. The park rangers and hosts would come through and clean up the mess on Monday and I did my part too. However, even though there was damage on occasion and far too many people (and their dogs) in the middle of the day, I was able to avoid the majority of the inundation. I was happy that people could enjoy such beauty and hoped that parents would guide their kids towards respecting nature instead of destroying it. I was happy that very little lasting damage occurred and that this amazing place could bring such joy to so many people!

Today's Picture
The trail leading down the edge of Spencer Creek breaks away here and there to meander through the forest. I discovered this moss and lichen-encrusted bench next to a magnificent tree and enjoyed appreciating this pair every day when I walked by. I imagined couples and kids sitting there through the years and it brought a smile to my face picturing the many stories that could be told from this lovely spot.

Today's Insets
Inset #1: This is a view of Spencer Creek where it meets the ocean on a very dramatic, cloud-filled morning on Beverly Beach.

Inset #2: There was ivy crawling up trees in many places, a subject I have a hard time resisting! This perfect grouping of fresh new leaves made a nice basis for a fun, filtered image.

Inset #3: Breathtaking Spencer Creek, adorned with greenery and lovely reflections. The park's main trail led up one side of the creek, over a foot bridge and down the other side and took walkers to the beach trail and was the emerald jewel of the park!

Inset #4: A remarkable feature of Beverly Beach was its marvelous trees with cage-like roots that rose up and made wonderful caves that kids loved to play in. Here is my silly husband looking like a crazy person, peeking out from one of the tree's roots. (These trees begin by establishing themselves on a stump. Over the years the stump disintegrates and leaves the roots seemingly growing out of the ground in a cage-like appearance.)

Inset #5: Fascinating detail of the unusual horsehair fern, a favorite plant of mine. It always makes me pause in wonder to think about the age of this living fossil. It is the remaining species of its genus and has survived for over 100 million years! It, along with many additional species at that time once dominated the understory of late Paleozoic forests. Remarkable!

Inset #6: A vertical panorama which shows the lush forest encroaching on the footpath along Spencer Creek

Inset #7: The other day I posted a picture showing a close-up of these beautiful leaves. Here they are again in their entirety, along with forest bokeh to set them off.

Thanks for Your Visit!
I hope all of you have a wonderful new week! Please stay safe!

Explored on 2/7/22; highest placement #2.
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Percy Schramm said:

HBM, Janet ! Wish you a fine week ahead !
4 months ago

LutzP said:

HBM Janet, stay well, lovely PIPs again, No.1 is my fav, well done
4 months ago

Doug Shepherd said:

A remarkable series of pictures of this amazing forest and the dramatic view from the beach.

HBM and enjoy the new week
4 months ago

Ulrich John said:

Looks very nice for a rest ! HBM and a good week ahead, Janet !
4 months ago

Mecklenburg-Foto said:

Ein gewaltiger Baum steht neben der Bank, HBM!
4 months ago ( translate )

Ronald Losure said:

Wonderful, Janet. What a magical place this is.
4 months ago

uwschu said:

Schönen Wochenstart, Janet
4 months ago ( translate )

cammino said:

Wunderschöne Fotos aus einer unberührten Natur!
4 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

D'une beauté fascinante et ravissante. L'exception de ces belles photos nous montre l'exhibition de notre chère nature.
Bonne et agréable semaine salutaire.
4 months ago ( translate )

ROL/Photo said:

a HBM very beautiful
have a nice Week Janet
my best regard/roland
4 months ago ( translate )

Reyk said:

Beeindruckende Bilder
4 months ago ( translate )

trester88 said:

Ich mag diese mit Flechten und Moos bewachsene Bank. Großartige Bilder, Janet!
HBM und einen guten Start in die Woche!
4 months ago ( translate )

Ecobird said:

A magical location and a very beautiful sries of images Janet. I like the moss covered bench and that pretty beach but for me I love the 3rd PiP, it looks so cool and lush and wild but so beautiful

Well captured Janet
HBM and a good new week to you
4 months ago

Peter Castell said:

A wonderful set of images Janet the woodland has a tropical look, don't ever tell gardener that you like Mares Tail it's a total nightmare fortunately it's not in my garden, because it's so old modern weedkillers don't have much effect on it due to it's structure being different
4 months ago

Berny said:

4 months ago ( translate )