Forget-Me-Not Bouquet at Honeyman State Park! (+5 insets)

(+5 insets)

Starting to Feel Better!
The sun is breathtaking this morning, blinding me with radiance as it lights up the sparkling frost carpeting our meadow. The frozen twinkles will be gone soon though, now that the sun has found them, but I am overjoyed to see this dazzling show.

I am delighted to report that I'm beginning to feel better, with just a little bit of help from medicine to ease my terrible anxiety and clawing depression. These feelings are like rolling tides that go in and out. Right now they are at a low ebb and I can gaze around me with welling joy and happiness, looking forward to our upcoming trip. I know these tides will slowly rise again and I will struggle once more, but finally they aren't getting as bad as they were. Knowing that things are getting better, for even a little while, is priceless to me.

Thank You
I also think about all of you who have come to visit me, even when I've not been able to return the favor. Although I have said thank you many times, perhaps you don't know that I've found your support to be a kind of lifeline sometimes. When I've felt so desperate, and worthless, I've come to read your comments and they've reminded me that I'm none of the terrible things I'm feeling. Coaxing me to smile and laugh, enjoying the words you leave for me, it really has meant so much. I am forever grateful.

Today's Picture
Honeyman State Park is the second largest Oregon state park campground, offering more than 350 campsites spread across eight loops which are nested in the forest just next to the sand dunes which march up and down the coast for 30 miles. Every site is unique, with trees and bushes, moss, ferns and logs to set them apart. One campsite had a gorgeous Forget-Me-Not plant that had burst into bloom and one morning after a night of rain, I brought my macro flash over to capture these stunning beauties, with hopes I would get some pretty pictures to share. Success! :)

Today's Insets
Inset #1: I was delighted to see the beautiful groups of California Groundcone along the Woahink Lake portion of my daily walk. They were in such perfect condition and perfectly placed for easy photography!

Inset #2: Light shining through this pair of glowing fern fronds took my breath away, showing off the spores that dotted each pinnae. I didn't see that I'd also captured the gossamer threads of a spiderweb until I looked at the images on my computer!

Inset #3: I looked up the trunks of trees with hopes to find mushrooms and here I found a beautiful shelf fungus. It was adorned with its nightly exudence of moisture, gleaming droplets forming as the change in temperature from night to day and liquid was forced out with the increase of pressure.

Inset #4: Falling trees are a big headache to anyone maintaining a trail system and often the easiest solution is to saw a chunk out of the trunk and leaving the rest. I love the way this looks and loved walking through this timber doorway! :)

Inset #5: I really couldn't get enough of this beautiful sight, the sand dunes meeting the edge of Cleawox Lake. I cannot help but think about all of the sand dunes and deserts in the world which march slowly across the world.

Again, Thank You So Much!
Your visits, comments and stars really make my day and I appreciate more than I can say. I've not been able to return the favor but finally I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for stopping by! Please take care of yourselves and have a wonderful rest of your week!

Explored on 1/26/22; highest placement #3.
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Stephan Fey said:

A very charming series, Janet. I surely hope I made your day, at least part of it ;-))
5 months ago

cammino said:

Beautiful close-ups and impressive landscapes!
5 months ago ( translate )

uwschu said:

wunderschöne Aufnahme mit diesem schwarzen Hintergrund
5 months ago ( translate )

Günter Klaus said:

.........herrliche Eindrücke hast du wieder mitgebracht von deiner Runde liebe Janet und den schnellen Hasen hast du auch noch toll erwischt,sehr schön sind deine Aufnahmen wieder:))

......wünsche noch einen schönen Abend,ganz liebe Grüße Güni:))
5 months ago ( translate )

Boarischa Krautmo said:

super - and beautiful insets.
5 months ago

Peter Castell said:

Beautiful colours and wonderful details, I'm pleased you are starting to feel better I'm sure some bright sunny days will help. I know you have lots to keep you busy but have you thought about making a Youtube slideshow to help promote ipernity based on your trips
5 months ago

sea-herdorf said:

Wunderschöne Details bringst Du uns von Deiner Wanderung durch den Wald mit, Janet.
Freundliche Grüße und bleib gesund
5 months ago ( translate )

Amelia said:

Such a lovely photo. The beauty of flowers must help you to feel much better.
5 months ago

William Sutherland said:

Stunning shot and great PIPs! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
5 months ago

Pam J said:


5 months ago

PascalL said:

belle série
5 months ago ( translate )

neira-Dan said:

un beau focus sur le myosotis
5 months ago ( translate )

vero said:

Dess photos magnifiques que de chefs d'oeuvres photographiques, tes fleurs sont divinement belles toutes cette série est extraordinaire, des splendeurs naturelles, très belle capture du lapin
et un panorama grandiose,de toute beauté janet, je te souhaite unetrès belle journée bisous
5 months ago ( translate )

Wilfried said:

wieder eine großartige Serie Janet - ⭐⭐⭐
5 months ago ( translate )

* ઇઉ * said:

Each of your images reveals your emotional creativity combined with an eye for detail.
An admirable gift through which you can please yourself and many people,
and through which you are a tremendous asset not only to ipernity.
My very best wishes for you and your loved ones.
5 months ago